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Ray's Rub

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With a mouthwatering combination of 21 herbs and spices, Ray’s Rub covers the grand spectrum of flavor. Ingredients like garlic and onion coupled with paprika, rosemary, and sage create a complex yet extremely versatile rub. Ray’s Rub synchronizes the herbs and spices with the natural flavors of any meat to impart an exceptional taste in your mouth….So what does Ray’s Rub work well with? This rub does it all – fish, seafood, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, wild game, lamb, casseroles, dips, sauces...literally EVERYTHING. So whip out that Ray’s Rub and start applying liberally for great results. Ray's Rub is non-gmo, msg free, and no sugar is added to our secret recipe. We are also blended with organic ingredients. 
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  • 2-1oz Sample Packs
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  • 5.3oz 3-Pack
  • 5.3oz 6-Pack
  • 5.3oz 12-Pack Case